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Morning offers anticipation; new opportunities, new insights, new adventures – – – a new beginning. God has given you one more day to make that improvement on this earth; the one you have been promising to make.

Noon is your last opportunity to work at it. You have used half of your day to make progress toward what you had promised yourself; a chance to make adjustments and corrections to your course.

Nightfall is about to be presented to you. The darkness will weigh heavy on your attempts to sleep. Questions of “what if” beleaguer your thoughts. But night has not yet come. There is one last opportunity to review your day. A time when all is quiet and the sounds of night do not play games with your mind.

That time is dusk. Dusk allows you to be proud of your day’s labor, time to bask in the good decisions that you have made, a time to sit back and enjoy the self. It is not a lonely time even if companionship is not present in your evening. It is a time when the weight of life can be set down beside your backpack, a time when you can pull up your achievements alongside your canoe, a time to watch nature telling the birds and yourself it is time to rest.

You wonder what life is really about. The dark clouds of dusk open and the remnants of the sun shine on your next goal. You can see it clearly yet it is distant and still unknown. Your heart leaps and you do not know why. Your thoughts are obscured by a feeling of joy. Logic no longer exists at this moment. Emotion reigns; and you do not know why. You do not understand. Where does the joy emanate from? Thoughts go to your loved ones. They create joy – – – but no, this joy is something separate, something different, something that thought and logic cast no light upon.

The fire is lighted and darkness descends. The comfort of your blanket roll matches the satisfaction of your day.

Now it subsides into night sounds and sleep.

Tahawas and Tomosky c