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Dark and Silent Rapids

Dark and Silent Rapids – – – They are the frightful.

They surround themselves with barriers, to keep the seekers at a distance.

They speak not loudly, that they may not be challenged.

Their pathways are protected by rocks and briars.

They are dark and foreboding.

When approached, they foment and churn.

Their edges hold their driftwood, debris and cast-offs.

Nothing grows alongside for lack of roots.

The rocks are swept clean of all that wishes to attach itself.

All this creates a mysterious presence to keep others at bay.

You cannot read them unless you find yourself thrown into them.

They become open and welcome, they embrace the seekers.

They offer their depths and speak with confidence.

The rocks and briars are not at their centers.

The darkness disappears as the light shines through them.

When approached, they offer new insights.

Their depths hold hidden gems and granite polished by loneliness.

Bitter roots are swept away.

The crevices collect soil for new attachments to grow.

The mysterious and dark presence is replaced

by the languid pool that forms its base.

Tahawas and Tomosky c