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The Deep Adirondacks

These mountains can offer solitude or fear. It all depends on you.

Many times have I found myself on this mountain top. You cannot see the valley below. The mountains are too tall and the valleys too deep. All you can see are the eagles soaring in front of you. And if the eagles are not there it is an omen. That is when the fear comes.

But these dark and mysterious mountains offer more solitude than fear; if that is what you are seeking. There are times when solitude is all we seek. And no place is better to seek it than the Adirondack Mountains of the North Woods.

The best part of this is that you may choose your place of solitude. My own, most often, is on a trout stream. But when I have been beaten, lost, destroyed, and there is no hope, I seek the mountain peak, the alp, the acme.

When on the heights you can see the whole world clearly; the slopes, the granite walls, the tree line, the clouds, the eagles, the place where you belong.

It refreshes your mind and tells you that you can, once again, go down into the valley with a clear mind, a clear goal, a clear plan, the future that you thought was lost.

Seek the heights of your own solitude and imagination; where the eagles fly.

Tahawas and Tomosky c