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Hidden Pond

Hidden Pond is really one of two hidden ponds that sit side by side yet are hard to find. If the beavers had not chewed a tree down I would have missed it.

This one was extremely hard to find especially if you came at it from the wrong end. That is what I did one day. That was the day I met French Louie and John Leaf having one heck of an argument.

It was quite by accident. I was trying to find a shorter way to Sumner Brook or Hatchery Brook. I could never quite figure out which one was which.

Louie was apparently upset with John about his style of deer hunting.

“Shaunee boy, youse gonna git me really mahd thees day” was the first thing I heard from Louie’s mouth.

John replied “My deer, my land, you go back up Canada were you belong.”

“I been here longa dan you Shaunee” replied Louie.

“What? You tink you been hair before me?” asked John. Now John Leaf was no fool and always ready to fight. I was getting concerned for French Louie.

John continued “My father, his father, his father also killed the deer fore you were born Little Frenchie.”

As long as John Leaf was talking I knew he wouldn’t be shooting. So Louie was safe; for now.

“An dey kill more dan dey can eat, juss like you do Indian” retorted Louie.

So that was what the argument was about. French Louie had caught John Leaf poaching deer again. I expected to see John’s gun raised up towards Louie but nothing like that occurred.

“What you care, little man? The sports are gonna shoot them anyhow” responded John.

Louie looked at John with a smile and said “Youse can see dem spurts, dey shoot nothin’. Dey make boom-boom but nothin’ gotta be sceered o dose spurts, dem damn spurts from da cities.”

I thought “Aha – – – They have found common ground between them.” It was a good time for me to make my presence known.

“HELLLOOO LOUIE – – – HELLLOOO JOHN LEAF” I hollered from the brush.

They immediately looked in my direction and found me. Good eyes those two fellows had.

“Dat you Tahauwas?” cried out Louie.

I responded quickly for I did not want to get shot at. “Yes. It is”

John Leaf hollered “You damn fool. I mighta’ took you for da game warden – – – you would’a been dead. Why you hiding in the brush?”

Not having a false reason at hand I told the truth. “I didn’t want to interrupt a friendly conversation between you two. I know how much you like each other.”

The ice was broken and they both laughed heartily. Neither of them were as mean or as standoffish as what people spoke of.

We loaded our pipes and found a dry place to sit. Louie told me about the last time they had blown up the log dam at the second Hidden Pond. Somebody caught a slab of wood in the side of the head and died.

John Leaf smiled a bit. He hated loggers.

Tahawas and Tomosky c