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Donaldsons History

I think that Donaldson was the last of the important writers about the Adirondacks.

Donaldson apparently had a creative bent. Somebody once told me that his family wanted him to become a banker. He liked music and studied violin playing. So he went to Europe.

Somewhere, if I remember it right, he opened a bank in the Adirondacks. He like many others of that time had migrated from New York City to the North Woods for his health. Yes, now I remember, he came to Saranac to be treated by Dr. Trudeau. Dr. Trudeau was becoming famous for his ability to treat consumption.

While he was there in Saranac he started writing this book. Well, it wasn’t just one book, it was two volumes by one name. “A History of the Adirondacks.”

Donaldson spent nearly twenty years writing that book. He married and left the banking business.

I really don’t know much more about him.

If you are really interested I think one of the Durant grandchildren could fill in the details.

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