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Murray's Tourist Edition

I had never seen a New York Times newspaper – – – let alone read one. One of the “sports” visiting a Durant lodge on Raquette Lake brought out such a piece of pulp.

I was amazed at its expanse. Wondering why he had bothered bringing it into the Adirondacks I asked “What do you intend to do with it ?”

He said “I brought it for you.”

He knew I could hardly read so I was wondering what his intent was. He must have seen the confused look on my face. He took the paper back and opened it up to a page called “Obituaries.”

The following is my interpretation of what he read to me.

“William Henry Harrison Murray was dead.”

“Dead?” I asked. “So young?”

“Yes” answered the sport. “I knew that you and he were acquaintances.”

That was probably the best way to put it. William Henry Harrison Murray and I were on a “Love/Hate” basis.

We spoke to each other.

We hated each other’s intentions.

However we respected each other’s positions.

“He died in March” continued the sport.

“Just before trout season” I answered. “He would not be happy to know he missed another season.”

“They called him ‘Adirondack Murray’ right there in the obituary” said the sport.

I responded “You know, I think he got to like that name. We started calling him that at Blue Mountain Lake; just to antagonize him. Then some newspaper guy heard it and printed it in New York. It followed Murray to Boston. It was like a cat that wouldn’t go away.”

The sport and I talked for a while about William Henry Harrison Murray. I found out that he was born in Connecticut. I always thought he was from New York. The sport also told me that he was giving “Adirondack” lectures in Boston. I thought that I had heard something about that but could not remember the details.

We talked about Murray’s first book and how that turned these North Woods into a popular vacation spot. That bothered me. I wanted to keep the Adirondacks to ourselves, us local people.

Then Murray committed the second mortal sin. He published a similar book, another “Tourist Edition” in which he posted all the train schedules and stagecoach terminals for getting into the Adirondacks.

He was a good man but I still wonder why he would do such a thing.

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