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Bradford and Anthony

Here is another advertisement that I saved. Bradford & Anthony – – – sounds like one of those clothing stores they have in Utica.

I have no idea why I saved this advertisement, it has no pictures.

Look, see – – – right there on the bottom? That damn Murray has given them the use of his name. More tenderfeet coming our way.

I bet old Murray wanted a fortune to sketch a picture for their advertisement. They must have made a deal. “We use your name, you can mention your book.”

I bet it was a hell of a lot cheaper than a Murray sketch.

I have more and better advertisements to show you later.

See – – – this ad is from Boston. It looks like they are trying to get the Boston “Sports” to buy their Adirondack equipment from them.

See? They even mention “Northern New York.” And it is all fly fishing stuff. I agree that fly fishing can be fun but I have caught more big trout on worms.

Oh-oh. They slipped up. Look – – – right there in the top paragraph; “Bait” “Bait-Boxes”

Boy oh boy – – – the fly fishing purists are not going to like that.

They like the stuff down there – – – see – – – the flies and the hackle. I bet those sports would like to get their hands on some of Durant’s prize chickens.

Did I ever tell you about the time that Josh Kanz heard about Charles Durant’s Asian fowl collection? Josh tied some of the nicest flies. Old Josh, he just wanted to pick up a few loose feathers here and there that may have blown out of the cages. But he could not control himself. He just had to get into the cages and pick the best feathers right off Durant’s prize chickens.

He was on his third cage when Blacky Johnson, Durant’s caretaker, came around the corner of a barn and caught Josh. He had Josh by the collar but Josh could not let the feathers go. He started sticking them in this pocket or that pocket. Blacky dragged Josh right into the Durant mansion and showed him to Durant.

Blacky told me it was the funniest thing. Old Durant was laying some of his best curse words on Josh and Josh just stood there with chicken feathers sticking out of every pocket.

That was the last time that Josh was ever able to set foot on any Durant property.

He may as well have been on the moon; there wasn’t much around here that Charley or Willy Durant didn’t own.

Tahawas and Tomosky c