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It says here that three doctors put their heads together and came up with the same conclusion.

Maybe I should have titled this “A Third Opinion” because there were three good doctors involved.

But back to my opening point; here is what it said:

“A doctor by the name of Trudeau and another by the name of Stickler studied Dr. Koch’s reports and methods. They then put them into practice and agreed with Koch’s conclusions.”

Their claim was that if you are ill with consumption, asthma, general weakening of the body, restlessness of the feet or discombobulation of the mind then the Adirondacks were for you.

And there was even documented proof of the claim!

A health resort

Now these gentlemen were not alone in their opinion; or so I was sure.

Therefore I set out on a quest – – – with the help of Monsieur LaPineaux – – -for verification in determining that this Adirondack Cure was in fact truthful  – – – not just some educated fool trying to make a quick buck.

So we searched and searched all sorts of books, health pamphlets, dime novels, religious pamphlets, bodice busters and railroad rags to see what somebody else may have to say about this claim.

Now I wasn’t just looking for positive proof. If I found negative writings about it I would have told you right here and now.

Finally – – – FINALLY – – – in one of the local stagecoach stations I found what I was looking for. And now I share it with you.

Yes – – – it is indeed a fact that a sojourn to – – – and quite lengthy stay in – – –  the Adirondack Mountains can bring health benefits to the most frail of bodies. Not only that, but the pasty looking fellow can claim that he has been to the largest health resort in the world. But, once again, I wander. So let us get to the meat of the subject.

Here is my proof  of – – – and a second verification of the claim:

Before and After

Before your very eyes you see a man ‘before’ going to the Adirondacks (on the left in case you were confused) and the same man (on the right) ‘after’ spending some time in the Adirondacks. Now you cannot deny that this fellow has not had great improvements to his body and his soul.

If I did not have Monsieur LaPineaux, – – – his very self – – – to read the article to me I never would have believed it.

LaPineaux also verified the source; one Charles Hallock.

Tahawas and Tomosky c