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Why does one thing always lead to another?

First it was my trying to explain that there were was a second opinion about consumption.

Then there were questions about Monsieur LaPineaux.

Just when I thought all that was out-of-the-way you people wanted more of an explanation about who exactly was in the “Visitors Rush.”

Is there no rest?

The simplest way for me to respond to you people is to use the wise words of Preserved Fish Johnson.

No, really, that is his name; “Johnson.” I presume it came from his father’s side.

Anyway, Preserved Fish was at the Cumberland Bay dock when one of the “Visitor Boats” arrived from Burlington. This is what he told me.

“‘The Professor’ was quite a personality. He had all the accoutrements of the North Woods. Hand tied flies in his hat and normal flies circling around him. They were attempting to determine where the odor was coming from. Well the flies were not circling around anyone else so it was pretty obvious where the odor originated.”

“Oh yes, the accoutrements. Not only a floppy hat adorned with hand tied flies but a set of specticals that rested officiously on his nose. And a book. The Professor always had a book. Never seemed to read it. I think it was more of a prop to give him some credulity. He always carried a book. I think I can sketch him. How’s this?”

Now Preserved Fish was a decent drawer and he drew this;

The Professor

The Professor

Preserved Fish continued on with his description of The Professor.

“Maybe it wasn’t his appearance. Now that I think of it I believe it was more of his blarney. He had a lot of blarney. Had more crap in him than an eight-hundred pound bear. This is what I remember him saying as he arrived at the lodge.”

Professor Rant

“That set the goal for the other members of ‘The Raquette Club’.”

I then asked Preserved Fish who else he remembered arriving at the Cumberland Bay dock.

“Oh God forgive this memory of mine” he blurted.

Then continuing he told me about two French ladies. They needed a ride to the lodge where they had reservations.

“They thought they were still in ‘Gay Paree.’ I don’t know what they expected but it was more than the Adirondacks had to offer. A man with a flat-bed wagon offered them transportation to their lodge. The only seat on the whole thing was where he sat while holding the reigns.”

French Ladies

Preserved fish said “They asked the driver ‘Have you no voiture?’”

“The driver was confused; apparently not knowing that a stagecoach was a voiture.”

“After a bit of awkward silence the dumpier lady asked ‘Have you no barouche.’”

“Now the driver had no idea what a barouche was – – – and neither did I. The Professor stuck his nose into the conversation. Apparently he saw an opportunity to look smarter than the rest of us.”

“The Professor said ‘A Hansom Carriage is called a ‘barouche’ in Paris.’ Well – – – none of us knew what a Hansom Carriage was and none of us were going to let The Professor know that we didn’t know.”

I asked Preserved Fish if the French Ladies ever got to their destination.

“I have no idea” he answered. “I was distracted by an Englishman that wanted to hunt deer. He had pointed at one of the French Ladies poodles and asked ‘Is this a deer hound?’.”

“Apparently he was very unfamiliar with the sport he wished to engage in.”

French Hunting Dog

With those stories told by Preserved Fish Johnson I had no more questions to ask about the visitors.

So if you will pardon me I have nothing more to say to you.

If I did I would be more depressed than I am now.


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