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Charles Hallock

Charles Hallock

This is a photo of my “New Hero.”

Look closely at his face. Does it say “FISHERMAN?”

No, absolutely not. But that is what he was. And an author also.

Hallock has written several books on fishing. He also set up a code of rules for hunting. Some states adopted them into their game laws.

Most states call their books listing these laws “Game Hunting Rules and Regulations.”

New York calls theirs a “Game Syllabus.” New York passes gas above its own rear.

But this is not about New York.

Well – – – in a way it is.

Hallock wrote a nice piece about the Adirondack Life. However, it wasn’t very complimentary.

I just found his writing in a stagecoach station up near Raquette Lake.

The Raquette Club

Apparently Charles Hallock thinks the same way I do about clubs in the Adirondacks. Now don’t get me wrong; there are good clubs and bad clubs. The Raquette Club, according to Hallock, seems to not have a home base and includes all the stereotypes found in the Adirondacks these days.

And he doesn’t let Murray off the hook either. See right up there? There is a ‘posssum teaching from Murray’s book. Apparently the frogs did not understand how to live in the Adirondacks until they were shown the myriad of details about it.

And, OOoopps, what’s that? Well I be darned. There is a sport fisherman who got tipped upside down while attempting to catch a trout in a swamp.

Even the owl and the deer have come to study Murray along with the rest of the Raquette Club.

Now I shouldn’t be making fun of the club. They are a serious group and really wish to understand these North Woods. The first thing they did was to create an insignia. Someone suggested they have embroidered epulettes made for their coats. The motion was made, it was seconded, and then tabled (just like every suggestion was handled within the club).

The Club Flag

The Club Flag

People in the stagecoach station thought I had become a little looney from spending so much time in the woods. Not so! It was because I couldn’t stop laughing at Hallock’s fifteen page story about “The Raquette Club.”

He didn’t miss a sole. Picked on all of them; The Professor, The Englishman, The Psuedo-French Ladies, The Sport. Why he even threw an Abenaki Indian into the mix.

He included Saratoga, train stations, deer, parasols, boats, fishing and everything and anything that an Adirondack visitor thought he knew about these woods.

And he even picked on Murray, the fellow who did all that introducing of visitors to the Adirondacks.

And the following is the edition that Murray wrote just for The Raquette Club – – – and the frogs and the deer and the owl and the ‘possum and anyone else who needed to learn about the Adirondacks.

Murray's Tourist Edition

Tahawas and Tomosky c