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Conroys Fishing Tackle

Look at this page. I cannot remember where it came from. I kept it because of the nice picture of the Northern Pike on it. Look here – – – at the address – – –

Fulton Street, New York City.

I have never been to New York but many Adirondack visitors tell me there is a big fish market on Fulton Street.

Do you think that they sell fishing tackle there because fishermen are always in the neighborhood?

I would think that the fisherman at the fish market would be using big nets. Although I have heard that big boats take several smaller boats out in the bay and launch them with one or two fishermen in each small boat. These fellows angle for fish. Maybe that is why Conroy has his fishing tackle store there.

Although if you look here – – – see it? – – – in the smaller print? – – – they do include amateurs in the list of their customers.

AMATEURS! – – – We call them “sports” up here. It has a nicer ring to it than “amateurs.”

We say “Hey Sport – – want me to guide you to a nice hole of trout?”

They bite easier, and more often, than the trout do.

Of course it sounds nice to them but we put in a twinge of sarcasm when we use the word “sport.”

A little scorn never hurt anyone. In fact a little scorn mixed with a lot of truth can make a fellow try to be – – – well – – – a better fellow.

Hmmmm – – – one gold medal and nine silver medals. I wonder who awarded that to Conroy? Must be good stuff he sells there. Imported fish hooks.

I wonder if the hooks are from Sweden? Some of the sports bring Swedish fish hooks with them when they come here. If they have any at the end of their stay I buy them. You cannot buy a better hook than the Swedes make.

Ulmendorfer’s boy makes a pretty good hook.

You remember Ulmendorfer the blacksmith don’t you? He has his shop on Blue Mountain Lake. Does a lot of work for the Durants. His boy takes wire and beats it real thin-like. Uses pliers to make the bend and cuts a dimple where the barb will be. I seen him do it. Real clever kid. He taps on it a few more times and then spins an eye on the end. Does it so fast the eye appears from nowhere.

Then he shines it and puts it near a hot coal. When it turns the color of straw he dips it in some old smelly oil.

Maybe Conroy should hire Ulmendorfer’s kid to make hooks!


Tahawas and Tomosky c