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Untits Ordered

Look here. Yep. That’s supposed to be a chart.

If you don’t believe me click on it to get a better view.

Well – – – it is a chart but it doesn’t depict anything except the fact that this sad sack hasn’t sold a single book in over a month.

People must have caught on to me.

Woe is me, woe is me.

I sit here in my self-proclaimed sorrow, anguish, grief, regret, suffering, agony, misery, wretchedness, distress and pain.

What has caused me to suffer such affliction and tribulation (not to mention hardship, misfortune and calamity).

Oh, sorry. I guess I just did mention them.

So a wise person (female of course) said “Wally, you have to promote, promote, promote.”

So here is where I promote myself, my books, my dreams, my legacy and a little nuttiness. Well – – – maybe a lot of nuttiness.

Click on…

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