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Log train

I did find that other letter from Aunt Lizbeth. This is the picture that was in the same envelope. I don’t know if the letter and the picture came together in the same envelope or whether they just happened to end up together.

It sure is nice to be able to see what size they had to cut the log into. And nice to see how they got the logs to the mill. That is one heck of a load.

I sure wish Aunt Lizbeth would have wrote on the back of the picture and told us more about it.

Her letter said that Cousin Delamarter is under direct control of Sweet Shannon. I just knew it. She was a strong willed woman. Cousin Delamarter is a good man and a hard worker but he is subject to the wiles of a woman – – – if you know what I mean.

Her brother – – – you know – – – the one in the other pictures; well he isn’t too bright but he can be a wiley fellow. I heard somebody say he was devious but I wasn’t quite sure what that meant. But I know he can be wiley.

He used to steal my nightwalkers when he had a few sports to guide. Too lazy to find his own worms. He was always asking about my fishing holes also. Never told him.

They were an odd pair – – – that Shannon and her brother.

He worked on the Erie canal when they arrived here from The Isle of the Green. I wonder if they named the canal after Ireland; Erin, Erie.

He said he worked on another canal south of Utica – – – She-nan-go – – – Chit-nang-o – – – or Chen-an-go. Sounded different when different people said it.

The people from Ireland built the canals. I wonder who built those railroad tracks that the logging train is sitting on?

Pretty nice job. All the ties are nice and neat. I guess they had to be in order to hold up all that weight.

I wonder if any of the iron in the rails came from the McIntyre Iron mine up by Tahawus?

Hmmmm – – – this darn picture is raising more questions than answering them.

I’m gonna put it back in the envelope where it won’t cause me to fret.

Tahawas and Tomosky c