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The logmobile

Holy Logmobile Axeman!

Just look at that thing.

So many questions yet so few answers.

How do I list them? Let me count the ways.

Ten men on the log and only one has an axe; why?

Three men on the ground and only one has an axe; why?

Two men on the log are sitting; why?

Only four men on the log are wearing hats; why?

Only one man on the ground has a hat and he has discarded it; why?

The ends of the log have been trimmed and tapered; why?

The cables leave the log and go to the left; why?

These are all very important questions. I hope you don’t mind if I answer my own questions again. They can’t be answered in the order I asked them either.

Do you remember that time I showed you the picture of the home we built from logs?

Sure you do. I showed you “A Family Portrait”.

I even told you how we rolled the logs up on the platform to saw them into slabs. As the walls of the cabin became higher we used the same trick to get the logs one-a-top-another.

Well I bet that’s what these guys are doing. I bet they laid a bunch of cables on the ground – – – rolled the big log on top – – – then doubled the loose end back and hooked it to a bunch of oxen. Then the oxen pull the cables and the log rolls along until they run out of cable and start the process over again.

Those two guys sitting down, up there on the log. I bet they think they have a’hold of the reins for the oxen team.

Aunt Lizbeth, in her letters you know, she says it rains all the time out there. I bet that’s why they wear those big brimmed hats in the middle of the woods.

The rest of the hats and the rest of the axes and the great long two man saws must be sitting in a pile somewhere near whoever took this picture.

I bet that when they brought the oxen team out they had them hauling a cart full of food. These hard working fellows don’t cut lumber without a big meal. Its tough work.

I bet Sweet Shannon from Killarney brought out a big kettle of Mulligan Stew for these boys. She sure could cook a good Mulligan. Chock full of meat, potatoes, vegetables, and whatever else she could scavenge up.

Sort of reminds me of our stew we made in camp when we were trapping. You remember our trapping camp don’t you? Sure you do. I told you about it when I told you about when ”Old Ralph and Fred Pull Their Last Trick on Abel.”

Ralph and Fred were always pulling tricks on each other and anybody else that happened to be around when their brains went skee-daddling off to the side.

I remember one time when each of them bought a new pistol from that traveling salesman. They just had to try them out. Fred and Old Ralph bought a bunch of ammunition and practiced shooting at a tree stump.

After the stump was properly dispatched Old Ralph says to Fred “Throw your hat in the air and I bet I can shoot a hole in it.”

Now Fred is nobody’s fool. He says to Old Ralph “Yeh! Then you won’t throw your hat in the air so I end up with a hat with a hole in it and you end up with a good hat. Well, if you don’t throw it up in the air I’ll shoot a hole in it while it still sits on your ugly head.”

So Old Ralph makes on that he is afraid that Fred will shoot the hat while it is on his head. So Old Ralph he takes off his hat and, when Fred is ready, throws it in the air.

Now Fred was a good shot and put a hole right there in that hat. Old Ralph picks up the hat and pokes a finger through the hole, tells Fred what a great shot he is and then tells Fred it is time for him to throw his hat in the air.

Fred waits until Old Ralph is ready; they are good friends, you know. So Old Ralph finally has his pistol ready and Fred throws his hat in the air.

Up goes the hat, it hangs there for a second, and then down it comes. Old Ralph just watches the hat and waits for it to land. Then he empties all six shots from his pistol at the poor hat which is just sitting there helpless on the ground.

You should have seen Fred. He was as mad as a bear in a leg trap. Another fight erupted between the two. I had to step in or they may have shot each other instead of just having fat lips and bloody noses.

They are good friends, you know.

Tahawas and Tomosky c