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Fir cripes sake

It took me two hours to figure out what I was look’n at.

I sure wish Aunt Lizbeth would have written on the back of these pictures she sent. Would have made things a lot easier.

Yep – – – you guessed it. This is the inside of that log truck that we wer look’n at yesterday.

I have no idea how they did this. The more puzzl’n thing is WHY they did it. Who in their right mind is going to live inside of an old log – – – well maybe except for French Louie; he had a log to live in and then there was French Louie’s Cave .

But then they put this thing on wheels. Who is going to ride around in the back of a truck with a log on it?

Somebody put a lot of work in this contraption; even electrified the darn thing. And look at that drop-leaf table. Some of the best lodges in these North Woods don’t have nice drop-leafs like that. By golly – – – even put a bed in it and some pictures on the walls.

I saw a big tree like this once when I was hunt’n. I was look’n for bear that day. Had my double barrel shotgun with me. It is always good to have a second barrel when hunting for bear. Tough old fellows sometimes. Get mean when they get a bullet in ‘em.

Well it was one of those fall days when it is not warm and not cold – – – just nice. I picked out a good spot to sit and wait for old mister bear. I waited quite some time and was thinking about heading for home. Not because I didn’t think a bear would come along but because the sky was gett’n dark and I knew rain was a com’n. Just as I was about to get up I heard a noise in the leaves.

I watched close because I didn’t want no bear sneak’n up on me. But it was only a squirrel just a rustl’n those leaves. He came right at me and didn’t seem to see me. Then I saw why. There was a big old fox chasin’ that squirrel and mister fox looked pretty lean and hungry.

Well – – – you know that big tree I mentioned – – -? – – – well the squirrel ran around that big tree to hide from the fox. You know – – – like squirrels always do – – – hiding on the other side of the tree from you. But he didn’t fool mister fox. He ran around the tree too. The race had started.

Round and round they went. Runn’n around that tree. I sat there totally baffled by the whole thing. The sky was getting darker but I did not want to move for fear I would miss the end of the race.

I didn’t miss the end of that race and I’ll tell you why.

Pretty soon it started raining – – – you know – – – one of those rains were it is com’n down in sheets. Com’n down hard in one spot and nary a drop 50 feet away. Yep – – – one of those rains.

Well just as the rain was the hardest and the squirrel was losing traction and mister fox was about to catch him a lightn’n bolt came down – – – hit that big tree – – – and split it in half at the bottom. Not all the way up mind you. The squirrel saw his opportunity and jumped through the split in the tree. The fox jumped right after him but – – – you know what – – – ? – – – that darn tree slammed shut on mister fox. He is still in that tree to this day.

Well the race was over and I was overdue at home. I stood up and went to get my double barrel that was lean’n against a tree next to me. Guess what? One barrel was full of rain water and the other one was dry as a bone. That darn rain was more split than I thought.

Sometime – – – if you remind me – – – I will show you that tree and then you will believe me. And if that doesn’t convince you I will show you my double barrel shotgun – – – you know – – – the one with one rusty barrel.

Now let’s see – – – where did I leave my pipe?

Tahawas and Tomosky c