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Prospect House Hotel

Prospect house is a complete village within one complex. It can fulfill most any request that a guest makes, from pharmacy to alcohol. One of my friends told me that Prospect house has electric lights in every room. Prospect House is located on Blue Mountain Lake.

Blue Mountain Lake seems to attract a lot of money. John Holland is at times identified as the owner of another hotel. That is the Blue Mountain Lake House. At other times he is identified as the manager. Maybe he is both. I would never know because I can not afford even one night there.

The Durants have moved in. Thomas Durant is the man who made the eastern half of the cross country Continental Railway happen. He keeps his son William West Durant very busy building lodges all over the Adirondacks. William Durant’s cousin, Fred Durant, decided that Blue Mountain Lake would be a great place for the Prospect House. So he built it.

Another resident by the name of Merwin decided that his personal home, a log cabin, if expanded, would make a good lodge.

And so we have the Merwin House also.

The Civil War is now over. It is a shame that the thousands of men who died or were maimed by that war will never see Prospect House.

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