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Summer Camping

Camping in the summer is a lot of fun; except for the black flies, the deer flies, the horse flies and the spiders. However, building a lean-to, fishing in the daytime, drinking coffee and telling fibs at night, with two or three good friends, can be quite enjoyable.

Most of the pests you can either avoid or, eventually, get used to. You can’t ignore your friends, especially if you are stuck with them for a week or two. Therefore if you are planning a summer camping trip I suggest you pick your friends wisely.

There is always one guy who immediately “claims” the best place in the lean-to for sleeping. He does this before the lean-to is finished. It becomes obvious that he has been keeping his eyes open as the construction moves along. As soon as he sees his spot he jumps in with his “claim” before anyone else gets a chance to ask “Who wants to sleep where?” The claimer would have gotten the same place but without letting everyone know what a rube he is.

Then there is the “arranger.” This guy arranges and re-arranges all his possessions several times a day. When it is time to go fishing he decides that his lures need to be re-arranged. He does this while the rest of the guys are eager to get in the boat. Sometimes this guy is treated to an unexpected “dip” in the lake; courtesy of his friends.

The cook; what can we say about the cook? It is better to say nothing if you want to eat. But you make mental notes not to let this guy cook on the next trip. He is not too bad for cooking supper. How can you ruin a nice trout baked in an iron skillet with a little bacon grease? How can you not see when the potato slices are done to perfection in the same pan? If the cook can’t see it then the other guys just reach in with the blade of their knives and steal a few. But breakfast is different. The inept cook burns the slabs of bacon but leaves two inches of bacon grease in the skillet. Then he drops the eggs into the boiling morass. They drop to the bottom, make a wonderful bubble full of grease and then come floating to the top. There is nothing like an orb of cellulose egg whites surrounding a large globule of bacon grease. Somewhere in the middle of this thing is a raw yoke.

Ah, the camaraderie of it all.

Tahawas and Tomosky c