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Opalescent Waterfalls

The Opalescent is a beautiful river. I can remember fishing it before the Henderson Iron Mine opened up. Oh, it is still clear. Maybe too clear. I don’t see a lot of crayfish or river grass in it like I once did. Maybe it just got a bad case of old age. My father says no. He is convinced that the iron mine had something to do with it.

I could spend a whole day just fishing the waterfalls. Most of the day was not spent fishing though. A lot of time was spent cutting back into the woods in order to skirt the precipices. The steep rock cliffs that seemed to accompany each section of the waterfalls were not to be challenged. Especially when carrying a fishing pole. So it was fish a pool, cut back into the woods, hang on to trees so as not to slide back, inch my way up to the next tree and so on and so forth. Then carefully I would work my way back to the next pool.

I was hardly ever disappointed. The Opalescent was full of Brook Trout. It was almost as good fishing as on the Vanderwacker. Both streams had good cold water and some nice holes and pools in which to fish.

The Opalescent was either waterfalls or easy going stream. There was not a lot of rapids to fish in. The Vanderwacker had some slow water just below a natural rock dam. Other than that it was a gurgling brook.

I am afraid that both streams are going to be in trouble before too long. The Opalescent because of the iron mine and the Vanderwacker because of the railroad they built over it.

We will just have to wait and see.

Tahawas and Tomosky c