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The Chateaugay Railway had a varied future looking it in the face. Although it was originally built by an iron company by the same name, Chateaugay Iron, it had many changes that it was not aware of itself. When I first visited Lyon Mountain, which was located near the Upper and Lower Chateaugay Lakes, it was at the invitation of the iron company manager. They had hired a surveyor to lay out the line but they needed someone that would understand the woods and the weather. The iron company was concerned about the rail workers quitting on them because of the wild animals and wide swings in weather. They wanted someone that could explain these things to the workers and keep them calm.

The terminal end of the railway was eastward, around Great Chazy Lake, and then onward to Dannemora. The iron company needed a method to get their ore to the furnaces. But the furnaces were hungry devils. They ate tons and tons of charcoal that would cause acres of trees to be cut and roasted. The railway would also deliver this charcoal to the hungry furnaces. It was no sooner completed than a new type of furnace was created. Several of these furnaces were installed in Williamstown; now Standish.

I had experienced enough change to the Adirondacks to make me sick to my stomach. I saw what had occurred when iron invaded my people’s land at Tahauwas. I could no longer be a part of it. I drifted back into the North Woods in hopes of finding the old way of life. I had no idea that the new way of life would be chasing me out of the Adirondacks. I heard stories about the railway but never returned to see the devastation that was being dealt to the northeastern section of my woods.

As I said, the first destination was Dannemora. Then Williamstown; now Standish. Then it was Loon Lake. And then, but not finally, Saranac lake. Plattsburg and Lake Placid were not too far in the future.

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I had heard that the D&H, the Delaware and Hudson, was looking to take over all the branches of the original Chateaugay Railroad.

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I was more than pleased with my decision to melt back into the North Woods.

Tahawas and Tomosky c