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Eastern slope cover

I am not quite sure who wrote this book that I found at a stagecoach house.

Eastern binhamton

Why in the world would anyone mention Binghamton, Nineveh, Carbondale and Wilkes-barre in a book about the Adirondacks is beyond me. Even in the context of Railroads running in and out of these North Woods, Binghamton does not seem to fit.

So I looked on the previous page.

Eastern D&H

And there it was! Half way down the page, in the second paragraph.

A railroad line that brought people from northern Pennsylvania up to northern New York. It says you could go to the Adirondacks but then they mentioned “Saratoga.”

I wonder why they would drop that little hint?

In fact this whole book, that I found in a stagecoach office, appears to prove my point; the Adirondacks have been ruined by railroads. This is starting to look like an advertisement for the Delaware and Hudson Railroad.

Eastern dead brookie

No, I was too quick to judge. My North Woods are now about steamboats and dried out Brook Trout; is that what we have come to?

Dead deer and horrible canoe traffic

Or is it deer slaughtered by the hundreds and abominable canoe traffic on the lakes?

Eastern hunting camps 2

I guess it is about hunting camps and “sports” from the city.

Eastern landlocked deck chairs 2

No, it is none of these, It is about lighted pathways and bentwood hemlock chairs on the porches of big hotels.

United States Hotel Saratoga Springs NY 2

I guess that some of those folks really didn’t want to get to far into the Adirondacks so they roughed it in Saratoga Springs.

Tahawas and Tomosky c