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This was my favorite spot to fish – – – years ago. My father brought me here. I always will remember my first time here.

Wallace rainbow falls ausable2

We arrived in the middle of the day. We were hungry so my father built a fire on this wide ledge and warmed up some meat that he had wrapped in a canvas pouch. The day was cool and breezy so the meat tasted really good.

The fish were biting so we decided to stay another day. My father stretched a canvas from the Cliffside and out onto the ledge. He held it down with a few large rocks. It worked out very well and kept the mist from the falls off us. We were already quite damp as it was.

That was a long time ago. Every time I had a chance I would go back to this spot to enjoy a day of fishing. Then when I was in my twenties the “visitors” started arriving. I can’t blame it on any one writer but Murray and Wallace both come to mind.

It was a beautiful spot and the visitors kept coming and coming. Men built boats to take them around to see the falls and the chasm. My father had named it Spirit Falls because it seemed to have a being or a way about it. This made the falls feel like a friend. We just felt very comfortable and worry free while we were there.

Then the visitors started coming. Some local people wanted to separate the visitors from their money so it was given a new name; “Rainbow Falls in the Ausable Chasm.” That seemed to be a very long name for such a simple place.

I have not been back there in a long time. I have been told that there are sidewalks and boat stables there.

Why does man think he has to add to what God has rendered? It took God thousands of years to build this place.

It only took man five years to destroy it.

Tahawas and Tomosky c