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saranac exiles Title Page

I was recently called to Saranac by Dr. Trudeau. One of his cottages had caught fire and needed repair. It seems as though one of his consumptive patients had overloaded the cast iron stove and that was the cause.

Now I like Dr. Trudeau and I had built this cottage new. On the other hand consumption was nothing I wanted to get near. The doctor’s patients either stayed the same or became weak and died. None of them ever seemed to get better.

The poor souls were isolated to Saranac and didn’t even get to see their families or other loved ones. Marriage was out of the question. I could not think of a way to describe their wretched lives until I found this book in the cabin that I had been called to repair. The book was a little smokey but I was still able to read some of it.

The title answered my question of how to describe these patients of Dr. Trudeau. They were surely “Exiles” of some sort.

saranac exiles  opening remarks

As I started reading it I realized that these exiles were a little different from other exiles I had heard about. Maybe they were voluntary exiles; or maybe not. In either case they had a strange way of looking at things. Earthquakes and storms were not laid at the feet of God. They were blamed on magazines and loons.

I never saw a mean loon in my whole life. In fact the loons were almost as pitiful in their loneliness as these exiles. You would have thought that the author had found a relationship with the loons.

I was quite surprised at the way Dr. Trudeau was defined as “Autocratic.” I am not quite sure what that means but it sure doesn’t sound good. Did you notice that the author hints at the fact that the exiles didn’t always follow Dr. Trudeau’s directions? I thought that was very funny.

saranac exiles page 10 blast on murray and atlantic monthly and boston

So now things began to interest me. Apparently the author is just as displeased with Murray as I am. If Murray would have left things alone the Adirondacks may have survived another hundred or so years. But Murray had to write a book on these North Woods and then give lectures in Boston.

Boston of all places! Why didn’t he limit himself to Utica or Albany? No wonder we have so many people from Boston coming into our once beautiful forests. Tenderfeet!

He called them the “Cabiri.” Damn people from the city. So I had to ask Dr. Trudeau what a Cabiri was. He said it was some sort of bunch of Gods from Greece. I still have no idea why the author thought that a hall of Gods would be in Boston. No one I ever met from Boston was God-like. Sometimes just the opposite.

I think the author was a little jealous. I went back to the title page and sure enough the author seems to be from Philadelphia. Then at the end of page 10 he gave himself a little pat on the back. I can’t blame the poor soul for that; locked up in a cabin way out here in the middle of nowhere. I enjoy the Adirondacks and have family here. This fellow apparently liked Philadelphia where he had family.

saranac exiles page 11 blasts boston, gen butler, sarcastically gives them a godlly throne

At this point I had to take the book to Dr. Trudeau. I could not make heads or tails out of anything the author stated; although it looked very important. It turns out the Ben Butler was a civil war officer; General Benjamin Butler. Old Ben, as Dr. Trudeau tells it, was a rather conceited fellow who thought his opinion was the only correct one. And it appeared that sometimes the general was in the right on his opinion.

Butler’s problems started while he was still in college. It seems as though he did not care much for the religious teachings that were being lent to him. So he threw them away. That would have been fine but then young Benjamin decided to go on a public tirade about the whole thing. That was Benjamin’s way of operating for the remainder of his military, public and political life.

And then we have the Cabiri of Boston playing on someone else’s mountain again. This fellow really has a problem with the people from Boston.

saranac exiles page  Speaks for them all in their humble yet educated homes

And now we can see that the author is just like the rest of us no matter how hard he tries to hide his emotions behind big words and thoughts.

He still thinks about his home with its flower pots, fishing poles, fur rugs and spinning wheels. And he is very proud of his books.

Now he has made a problem for me. When I finish fixing up this old burnt cabin I will have to ask Dr. Trudeau to see if he can find some books for me.

I need to meet that Cabiri of fellows that include Marcus Aurelius, Plato, Descartes, Spinoza and such.

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