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Now this is what a lodge should look like!

Old Chase built this camp on Limekiln Lake. He should receive some recognition for this.


Instead, what do we have? Almost all the writers and photographers are burning a ton of black ink and black powder taking pictures of the “sports.” Look, right there if you don’t believe me. There is one all dressed up in a suit carrying a gun.

R.G. Chase is the type of fellow that is going to save the Adirondacks, not Thomas or William West Durant. We need to keep our clearings small and our hearts big, not the other way around.

But you are not going to ever win fighting progress.

Thomas Durant can be ruthless. There is some kind of scam going on right now. It is said that he manipulated railroad stocks and kept a set of false books. He seems not to care about anyone except himself.

The Adirondack Company is involved in building railroads. In 1863 Durant started building the North Creek line. It is probably a lark to him. His main project is working on the cross continental railroad.

In a mere twenty two years he and his son, William West Durant, succeeded in bringing “progress” to the Adirondacks.

William West Durant went to schools in Europe. He travelled quite a bit. At 24 his father gave him an order to develop the Adirondacks and bring in “the rich” from Boston and New York City.

I foolishly helped the Durants with their plan. I built some cabins for them on Raquette Lake. Then they opened a stagecoach line and eventually ruined the Marion River. They created a steamboat line on the Marion and later a short railroad. This route allowed the city folks to travel from Blue Mountain Lake through two other lakes to reach their cabins on Raquette Lake;

– – – without getting their feet muddy!

R.G. Chase; now there is a true Adirondacker. No desire for progress, just a lean-to for enjoying these North Woods.

Limekiln Lake will be natural forever, I hope.


Tahawas and Tomosky c