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I like Little Moose Lake. Maybe it is because that is where I kissed my first city girl.

That was just before the civil war.

On the other hand there is the Adirondack League. I will just leave it at that.

I don’t want to start another civil war. Especially with people of power.

Little Moose

A quote or two may be more appropriate:

1890 – Rome Semi-Weekly Citizen, Newspaper

“The North Woods,” July 12, 1890.

“One of the largest deals is the way of an Adirondack preserve is that recently consummated by the organization of the Adirondack League Club, which has bought the Anson Blake tract of about 100,000 acres. It includes nearly all of Jock’s Lake, the upper end only being outside the tract. The preserve lies in both Hamilton and Herkimer counties. It is covered with an unbroken growth of valuable timber. The present owners of the tract are to convey it to the club for about $500,000 and it has been on the market for $1.25 an acre. The five hundred shares are to be sold to the members of the company for $1,000 a share.”

”An effort is being made to extend the Herkimer, Newport & Poland railroad into the preserve and make it standard gauge. Recently the agents of the league posted notices throughout the preserve warning against trespassing. They read as follows:

Notice. All persons not members of the Adirondack League Club are hereby forbidden to hunt, fish, or trespass upon these lands, or any lands forming part of the tract known as the Anson Blake tract. All persons not members of the said club found hunting, fishing or trespassing on said premises will be prosecuted according to law.”

Adirondack League Club, O. L. Snyder, Secretary.

“It is believed every share of the originators of the scheme dispose of over 200 will be clear gain. The certificate of incorporation, which was filed in the office of the county clerk of New York county June 18, names the following trustees: Mills W. Barse, Ole L. Snyder, Warner Miller, Mark (Brick) M. Pomeroy, Robert C. Alexander, Henry C. Squires, Warren Higley, Henry Patten, Abraham G. Mills, DeWitt C. Lefevre, and Alexander R. Harper.”


I think that paints the picture.

Tahawas and Tomosky c