I met him 52 years ago

I married him 50 years ago

I met him again yesterday

And the day before that

And last week

And last year


 My sons drop in

But I cannot say their names

I am afraid I will mix them up

So I say nothing

I nod

And attempt a smile

Not convincingly

I am sure.


Do they know that I know?

Do they know how unhappy it makes me?



But not sad all the time

From my chair I

Sometimes visit San German

I see my Momi and Popi

I see my friends.


There is Sally and Fredi

Wanda and Margarita

Sally’s brother Poppy

Don’t forget Tonita!


There are others

I forget their names

We all belonged to “Club Indio”

The club met on Sally’s front steps

Or Somewhere on Calle Victoria.


Later we had boyfriends


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