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The Cosmos

You may think that this post is my attempt at erudition of the reader.

Far from it my friends; this post is about my ego.

So here is what happened.

I was sitting on my patio looking into the western sky. I thought it was western but possibly it could have been southwestern.

In either case I noticed two things.

First, my snifter of ‘Grand Marnier’ was getting empty faster than normal.

Second, a star that I was watching moved about 1 degree in roughly 8 minutes.

I had doubts about the effects of nature upon my snifter but I had no doubts that the star had moved. So I located the moon and watched it for 8 minutes.

Viola! It also moved about the same number of degrees.

SO! How did I measure the degrees? I drew an imaginary line from the ground straight upward to the star (or…

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