This, that, - - - and the other thing


Tonight, once again, I sat on my patio enjoying a nightcap at the end of a busy day.

The sky had turned dark; not suddenly but much sooner that it seemed to have darkened a few weeks ago. It is now early September and I have read about an equinox or two having passed us humans by.

But the patio; I should explain.

It is a transplant from enjoyable days long passed. It came from Pennsylvania where we had a camper. The patio was attached to the camper at that time. Our camping days were terminated due to illness and I disassembled the aluminum awning and the aluminum fence-railing surrounding the camper. It was then transplanted off the back of our home by my son and I.

I enjoy the transplanted patio – – – it brings back happy memories. I only wish it brought back memories to my love…

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