This, that, - - - and the other thing

Some people do not like surprises. What a surprise!

Some people like surprises; especially on birthdays because it means someone remembered them.

Some people do not like surprises because they are unprepared to deal with the surprise.

Some people do not like surprises such as having their picture taken without permission. I learned this first hand when I was assigned to take pictures of my fellow workers for the bulletin board. I even took a picture of a particularly pretty worker sitting at her typewriter.

Boy was she mad!

And that my good readers, is what brings me to say that all surprises are a ‘good surprise.’


Surprises on birthdays or a really great gift on a holiday is always a good surprise; therefore we can eliminate ‘naturally good’ surprises.

Now how about the bad surprise like when you find out your lawnmower refuses to start. You have pulled the…

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