This, that, - - - and the other thing

Witch Doctor jpeg

I went to the doctor.

Which doctor?

No, not a witch doctor.

Well, which doctor?

You know which doctor.

No I don’t, which doctor?

The homeopathic doctor.

I think he is a witch doctor!

Which doctor?

The homeopathic doctor.

He’s no witch doctor.

I think both he and the other one are quacks.

Which doctor?

Both doctors – – – shams, one and all.

Shamans? Are you calling my doctors shamans?

Well one of them is a shaman.

Which doctor?

Yes, one of them is a witch doctor.

Witch doctor? I thought you said Shaman.

Both doctors, not ‘which doctor’.

Thanks for clearing that up.

What up?

Nothing is up. I said thanks.

Thanks for what?

Clearing that up.

What did the doctor clear up? I didn’t know you had something.

I don’t have something; I have nothing.

If you had nothing why did you go to the doctor?


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