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I have attempted, quite unsuccessfully, to author all sorts of tales. They are simple; there is not a convoluted page. I can not say the same for the plots.

I never cease to be amazed that so much pap is on the ‘best read’ list while other great writer’s books appear to die on the vine.

So this is my attempt to write pap; this is my attempt to be ‘best read’.

You can read the first pages for free right here.

All of the pages, all of the words, – – – they are all transient, and I prefer Galileo’s theory of the solar system to that of the Pope, who argued, or pretended to argue, that the writing of a fact is the act of the heretic.

The interior text shares its name with this book. Its paternity can be traced to Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche‘s Human; All too Human with snippets of other’s stories woven into the warp and the woof.

The story observes, I believe, none of the conventions of our time; a time consumed by political correctness and organized religion.

The book thrives in the inferred details that writers are mandated to contrive. These details are vague; at best.

May your sanity remain intact.