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Anti-Social Behavior Order


Anti-Social Behavior Disorder?


I receive several blog posts from a person who is very knowledgeable about bio-life; my term not the bloggers. The blogger knows much about birds, amphibians, beetles and various other insects. The posts always enlighten us.

In one recent post there was a story about a gentleman from the UK who had been caught netting birds; illegal netting at that. He was properly tried and paid his required fine.

Now here is the surprising part; he was also convicted of the crime of anti-social behavior!

How does one commit such behavior and who is to define what is social behavior as opposed to anti-social behavior? Allow me to allow Wikipedia to allow the United Kingdom to define it, to wit;

An Anti-Social Behaviour  (sorry, they don’t know how to spell in the UK)  Order or ASBO is a civil order…

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