The Short Stories of Waldo

You, dear reader, are no longer the reader; you are the author. I am now one of your readers, or more exactly, at this point, your only reader. You may be asking “How are we going to do this?” To be perfectly frank with you I don’t really know, so let’s get promptly started.

You, who are now the writer, should start off this conversation even though we will be simultaneously active.

“OK. This is not my first time writing but it is my first time at authorship. I hope you, new reader, do not get ‘reader’s block.’ If you do we may be here for a long time. I would hate to spend eternity (and the rest of my life) stuck on one page of paper. Of course I could always write something like ‘THIS PAGE IS NOT INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK’ but that would only get me to the…

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