This, that, - - - and the other thing

It was in a bar in Scranton,

Across from the pawn shop,

On a bar stool I sipped my ‘Four Roses’,

It was then that I noticed,

Our infamous POTUS,

I sat down and asked him his game.

Then the truth finally hit him,

When he said “I’ll outwit ‘em’,

But I finally quit living on dreams,

I’m hungry for a legacy,

To continue my ascendency,

And money a lobbyist surely brings.”

In the mirror I saw him,

And I closely watched him,

I thought how he looked out of place.

Then in came a woman,

Who sat there beside him,

He had a strange look on his face.

His hands were trembling,

He knew she was dissembling,

For a minute I thought she was dead,

But then he stopped shaking,

His big heart was breaking,

He turned to the woman and said;

“You picked a fine time to leave…

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