Holding Hands

When you wake up in the morning,

Do you ever hear my voice?


When you sit there with your thoughts,

Do you wish you had a choice?


When you look out your window,

Do you ever see the trees?


When you are sitting on the veranda,

Do you ever feel the breeze?


When you sleep soundly in your chair,

Do you see images of the past?


When you wait patiently for your meal,

Do things seem dark and overcast?


When the wind rustles at your curtains,

Do you feel a fleeting moment?


When you realize where you are,

Do you wish for a postponement?


When I depart in the dark of evening,

Do my footsteps fade in the hall?


When you are alone in bed at night,

Do you feel overcome with pall?


When you are there – – – yet absent,

Do distant shadows appear?


When other’s voices cry out in torment,

Do you wish you could not hear?


When you are adrift in fading recollections,

Do you ever hear my name?


When you perceive good times are gone,

Do wish memories to reclaim?


When you are in the atrium of vanishing memories,

Do you reminisce of our lasting love?


When you walk through memories often indistinct,

Do you think about the cherished ones of?


When you listen to the music of your homeland,

Do Mamacita or Popi ever appear?


When you hear the Spanish words spoken,

Do they emerge concise and clear?


When an aroma brings forth a memory pure,

Do you dream of pastelitos in the deli?


When you doze during the Sunday mass,

Do you ever see Porta Coeli?


Porta Coeli 


When you chase memories fading and elusive,

Do playmates in San German become real?


When you remember San German de Auxerre,

Do the church bells continue to peal?


When I realize all this may no longer exist,

Do you know my love will forever persist?