Jan Mandyn; Landscape with the Legend of Saint ChristopherJan Mandyn; Landscape with the Legend of Saint Christopher

“O ye, my brothers and sisters of industry. Beware of those who speak in the name of coexistence. You, my followers, exist. Your enemies also exist. One of you, eventually, will not. Coexistence is the creeping incrementalism of your demise. Do not pray for a good coexistence. Rather pray for your own existence. Then act.”

Thus Spoke Fred


Fred had left his cave of hewing and had spent years traveling.

On the road he was to meet with various alchemists,

soothsayers and wizards.


There were many more than he had ever imagined.

Some of these creators had invited Fred

to travel with them.

He declined.


His own path remained yet to be blazed.

Vines and undergrowth impeded him.

And to take up the path with others

would only slow his journey.

And so he continued to

travel alone.


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