Old Chirstmas Santa


Now back to the main questions of life.

What is life?

Life is the consumption of those pockets of mashed potatoes blended with cheddar cheese,

all wrapped up in those half-moons of dough – – – 

lathered with onions – – –

sautéed in butter.


How could life be any deeper than Perohi?


And the Christmas dinner starts with a soup made of sauerkraut, dried papinki mushrooms, and split peas or lentils.

Then the mother circles the table  – – –

with a plate full of small pieces of bread  – – –

with a few drops of honey on each piece.

She gives each member of the family a piece  of this bread – – –

and wishes them the best of health and a good future.

They wish her back.

She means it. They mean it.


And then the tureen of PEROHI appears – – – magically. And the family is bound together.

It is so simple and so silly.

However, anyone at the table who is in need, emotionally or financially or physically, is now bound together – – – forever owing to each other – – – to death.

And they all drink – – –

and make silly comments – – –

and elbow each other – – –

trying to make light of mother’s wishes – – –

but they all know, it is forever.


Where have we diverted?

Why are we so alone these days?


But enough of silliness.

We need a 28th amendment to the constitution:

‘28TH AMMENDMENT: All families shall keep 2 cartons of frozen perohi in their freezers in case of anarchy, invasion or insurrection.’

Why not?

Just take a look at the silliness of other laws that congress has passed:

Congress itself shall not be bound by all laws it passes.

Oh well, how silly politics are anyway.

Life – – -?  Not so much.”