Its called reading

Hey boys and girls.

It’s your favorite hypocrite again.

I hate  bald faced self promotion.

Unless it is me doing it.

So – – – – unlike last time when I lied to you about not having enough money to buy people food and as a result having to enjoy cat food out of a can (could not afford plates), this time I am simply going to play on your emotional sympathies.

I will not say that I am not wealthy in my own right. I received my annual check from Amazon/Digital for my share of the royalties earned last year:


all at one time, in one check. WOWZERS!

So why am I going on and on about this?

Because I have not told you why I need your help.

Or why I am so sad.


It appears as though I have not sold a single book in the last month.

I know it is not the contents of the books because they are not only brilliant but also quite clever, adroit, skillful and deft (not to mention daft).

Why are they described with superlatives? Probably because of my keen and sharp wit, inventiveness and perceptive nature. Well, that is what Mr. Roget has said about me; – – – – or so it says here.

So without farther ado I point you to my books. Feel free to peruse them for free.

They can be found here:


Toole Alone

DAMN!  I was told that they would seal that record.


Ah – – – finally; the real me. Now just click on that 8 1/2 by 11 glossy above and you will see my books.

Go ahead; fear not. And then click on each book and then click on “LOOK INSIDE” and you will be able to read a few pages of my brilliant and insightful work.

Then buy one; better yet, buy them all.

Thank you,

Waldo has left the building!