This, that, - - - and the other thing


This is what I saw today.

Moon, Sun and You

The black box represents my window (right next to my easy chair and my mixed drink).

And the moon looked just like that (at 4:00 PM believe it or not). Brightly lit on the top right side and not much to see on the bottom left.

And I said to myself; “Self!  Someone could probably determine the distance of the moon and the sun with a simple triangle.”

And the self replied back to me; “Someone already did that. I think he was an Italian.”

“Oh yeh” I answered to myself. “Someone by the name of Galileo or something like that. He had two names like the Welsh did – – – Tommy Thomas or John Johnson or William Williams.”

But I drift.

So this Galileo guy – – – what could he use this info for. He had to assume a…

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