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15th Floor.

 Bartle Library

Bartle Library, Binghamton University, New York



As I exit the classroom tonight these thoughts emerge without provocation.


How wonderful the state is to offer us older citizens tuition free classes. Then on the other hand I have to question the lecture content. There exists a God and a Heaven no matter what the professor says – – – or which philosopher the professor chooses to echo.


Looking out this fifteenth floor classroom window, I can see where I spent my first years; the Susquehanna River, the railroad bridge that we would use to cross the river, the old abandoned shoe factories, and right here underneath this campus was the Hazard Lewis farm. When the farm was abandoned we would hunt for squirrels, rabbits, pheasants and deer on this very spot.


I leave the classroom and enter the small elevator with several young students. My thoughts continue along the same lines.


Yes, it is a beautiful world out there and it has been beautiful for my entire 76 years.


Memories of an evening of fishing with my father, the spring leaves and flowers exploding from the trees and bushes, the fish spawning a new generation of progeny that would test my knowledge of the river, a harrowing episode when my brother pulled me out of a swampy morass, swimming on bare-ass-beach off the edge of an island, the girls who wanted me to lend them my fishing pole (Hah!), picking Prince-of-Pine and bittersweet berry sprays for my parents to make Christmas wreaths with – – – and that my brother and I would sell so we could buy Christmas presents; yes, memories, so many beautiful memories of a beautiful world. Such an array of beauty could only be created by God.


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