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4th Floor.

 Bartle Library

Bartle Library, Binghamton University, New York


Why hasn’t the university spent more money on Maintenance of Elevators?


I am sure, even though they are a state school, that the alumni have donated a substantial sum of money. I bet there is an endowment worth more than two billion dollars.


Are they under the same program that Cornell was – – – “Deferred Maintenance?”


That is a fucking horrible phrase that covers up the real concept of “Neglect of the Infrastructure.”


Worse yet, it is an oxymoron; Maintenance means to maintain something. Deferred means to not do something. So we have “Maintaining Not.” Such smart people at Cornell, yet so ignorant of their own utterances.


I hope Binghamton University does not mirror Cornell in that respect.


But what the hell difference does it make? I am hurtling towards my death – – – and here I am whining about finances.


Maybe if I would have paid tuition for the course being taught on the 15th floor I would not have been in this situation. Every penny counts – – – and I have just traded a few hundred dollars for my life. What an asshole I have been.


Maybe it wasn’t all about my being good or bad – – – maybe it was all about being an asshole.


When Saint Peter meets me at the gate he will say “Waldo, you were neither good nor evil; you were just an asshole. And for that I commit you to Purgatory for the remainder of infinity.”


Hey! Pete! I worked hard at being different – – – at being an asshole.


I was a beatnik in the late fifties, a free thinker in the sixties, a working stiff in the eighties, a shovel bum and delivery driver in the nineties, and a half-ass author after the millennial.


Yes, Pete, I will serve my time – – – for being an asshole – – – in Purgatory.


I should have written a philosophical treatise entitled; “Being and Assholeism.”


Only three floors to go – – – my fate is clear – – – let us not delay the process of my nothingness.


TOMORROW:  3th Floor