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3rd Floor.

 Bartle Library

Bartle Library, Binghamton University, New York


The university has really sucked me in; free classes, public archaeology facility, use of library, the greenhouse!


I would not be in this situation if it were not for those temptations. The temptations were pure evil. One lured you to the next, which lured you to the next.


A simple sin, when you get away with it, lures you to a more serious sin – – – and then the next higher level of sin.


Is the university the workroom of sin?


The nuns would have identified the levels of university sin; venial AKA “Forgivable”, and mortal AKA “You are going to hell for sure.”


And then there was the worst one “Original Sin.” What a crock of shit. How can babies enjoy the “pains of punishment” and “the fear of hell” when they have never caroused and imbibed – – – or engaged in the pleasures of debauchery?


Yes! The university is pure evil and I have been a good student of their teachings. It makes me proud.


But wait! All of the indicator lights are blinking.


How many floors do I have remaining to repent – – – how much time? Will the elevator stop? Is that likely to happen? Not the repenting but the saving of my corporeal being – – – and my essence.


No! Not likely.


Even if the elevator came to a sudden halt I would probably be crushed like an insect – – – crushed like the thousands of spiders that I have stomped on, poisoned or – – – as a child – – – focused the sun upon with a magnifying glass.


Crispy little critters. Heh, heh.


Is that what I now represent? A spider? Or am I to return as a spider? – – – if I ever do have the opportunity to return.


Wait! That is my only hope. I will have to return to this earth as something. Maybe everlasting life in Purgatory is not my best bet. Maybe the concept of returning to life as anything would be better.


Oh shit! I asked my mother the wrong question.


 It was not “Who was I before I was me?” but “What was I before I was me?”


TOMORROW:  2nd Floor