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2nd Floor.

 Bartle Library

Bartle Library, Binghamton University, New York


Yes! I have been led to my demise, my life of sin, and all that it encompasses – – – by who else but the university.


That is where I learned about Foucault, Borges, Nietzsche, Swedenborg, Snorri Sturluson, Omar Khayyám and others; almost in that order.


It was that chain of sin that occurred when I read the first sentence of Foucault’s Preface to “The Order of Things.” I will never forget – – – even in my next life – – – what he said; “This book first arose out of a passage in Borges, out of the laughter that shattered, as I read the passage, our supposed ‘natural order of things.”


Then I had to gather as many of Borges books as I could carry; and I read them until I understood how well Borges could play with our minds – – – and sometimes even straighten out our thinking as he toyed with us.


From there the chain of university sin crept on. It was a sort of creeping incrementalism.


I like the “isms.”


Sort of mysterious.


Then it was my old pal Fred Nietzsche. Talk about mysterious! Especially when he got a little biblical in his “Zarathustra.” But then I found out he was anything but mysterious. He just liked to write that way to make us think. Or did the translators tend to make it mysterious?


Swedenborg! Now there’s a piece of work. Seemed to be a little on the whacko side. On the other hand you have to take these guys with a grain of salt. All of them have truths here and there; if you are willing to rummage around for them.


Sturluson was the historian – – – sagas and such. But if you stick with him you will learn so much about the western hemisphere.


Khayyám, an eastern philosopher on the payroll of the Visear, wrote more on the sciences than on philosophy but was successful at both; thanks to Edward FitzGerald’s channeling of Omar.


Oh my God, or whatever God is listening, why have you allowed my thoughts to scurry off into a pedantic wasteland?


The light for floor one has lit up bright and is so beautiful!


I do not know if I say this because it is the end of my torture or that I have made peace with myself.


Or possibly that I just want this elevator ride to end quickly; one way or another.


TOMORROW:  1st Floor