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1 UG (Unter Grund)

 Bartle Library

Bartle Library, Binghamton University, New York





Nothing happened.


How could that be?


Something must have happened.


It’s not dark, nor is it light, it is simply misty – – – is it dawn?


Is it the Age of Aquarius?


Oh, Here comes the sun, here comes the sun – – –


And I say it’s all right . . . . .



My sweet lord


You walked into the elevator

like you were walking

onto a yacht


Hm, my lord


Your leather briefcase


displayed for

everyone’s eyes

Hm, my lord



Your scarf, it was apricot

I really want to know you


You had one eye in the mirror

as you watched yourself

Really want to go with you


And you dreamed, all the girls,

you dreamed that they’d

be your partner


Really want to show you lord


They’d be your partner, and…


That it won’t take long, my lord (hallelujah)


You’re so vain, you probably think

this story is about you


My sweet lord (hallelujah)


You’re so vain, I’ll bet you think

this story is about you



Hm, my lord (hallelujah)


. . . . Don’t you?


My sweet lord (hallelujah)


Don’t You?


TOMORROW:  2 UG  (Unter Grund)