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2 UG (Unter Grund)

 Bartle Library

Bartle Library, Binghamton University, New York


In the end of my journey . . . to the end of my life – – – I found myself, in a dark cave, where I was lost. It is a hard thing to speak of, how cold, harsh and bewildering that cave was, so that thinking of it recreates the fear.


It was scarcely less bitter than death: but, in order to tell of the good that I found there, I must tell of the other things I saw there.


I cannot rightly remember how I entered it. I was so full of sleep.


But then I reached a chamber, whereupon the cave that had pierced my heart with fear, came to an end, there was hope.


I looked up and saw its ceiling brightened with the rays of the sun, the sun that leads men rightly on every road.


Then the fear, that had settled in the bowels of my heart, through the fall that I had spent through fifteen floors, became a little calmer. And as a man, who, with panting breath, has completed his act of debauchery, turns back towards that lifestyle and stares, so my mind, still a fugitive of fear, turned back to see that life again, a lifestyle that no living person has ever willfully abandoned.


I cannot rightly say how I entered that lifestyle. It was so wonderful, at that point, that I could not abandon it.


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