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9 UG (Unter Grund)

 Bartle Library

Bartle Library, Binghamton University, New York


And then a young man, much younger than the one who spoke to me prior, into my eyes was beheld. He removed his turban and sat beside me on a marble bench. A rose bush grew beside the bench and a Tree of Life grew overhead. He said “As a gift, I present to you the following thoughts. Do with them what you will.”


With that he recited the following.


“It is early morning and the stars have started to disappear. The Sultan’s tower is a shadow amongst shadows. I attempt to waken you.

I sit here before the sun shows itself and wonder why, when the Temple of Life calls for enjoyment, mediocre worshippers do not enter.

As the rooster awakens their early Life they wish to partake – – – but – – – realize the church will call them away.

A Spring festival renews the call to Life’s enjoyment but those who follow the popular ideology think of Moses’ snowy hand and Jesus’ healing powers.

Theological beliefs are faint but the enjoyment of Life can be clearly seen in a vined flower and plants growing by a life-giving stream.

Languages of people change but not the song of the Nightingale. The red wine of Life awakens one’s mind, one’s ability to think.

Enjoy your renewed Life with new ideas, throw away your ideological and theological cloak. Your Life has flittered away like a bird on the wing.

No matter if your Life was large or small, glorious or bitter  –  it disappeared drop-by-drop,  like the leaves of fall.

Your renewed Life will grant you new experiences and new ideas. You should embrace these; and discarded the invalid ones as you wish.

Do we owe allegiance to the old ideas, the old gods, the superstitions? Why should we follow them?

Walk with me along the divide between theology and living Life. Let us see who is remembered. Let them stay where they are.

We may find a nice shade tree, read a good book, and then discuss it. We will exit a “paradise of ideals” and enter the “undiscovered.”

Some lived for human glory, some lived to enter heaven; but you enjoyed what you had and did not borrow from tomorrow.

You entered Life with glee, gained knowledge, sprinkled it on others; then departed life happily, knowing that you have contributed.

Those who once had great ideas are re-born into the resurrected man. Those great ideas are no longer alive today; however, we can unearth them.

Old hope is the kindling that will turn to ashes. It is an April snow that disappears with the sunlight of new ideas.

The caravan of Life, measured as each day goes by, brings new ideas and experiences; and the old fade into the twilight.”


And then the young man vanished.


TOMORROW:  10 UG  (Unter Grund)