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This, that, - - - and the other thing

1 Nov 2012

Things always have a reason for occurring. Sometimes they occur in pairs. Some things should never occur. That is what I describe here.


I just cannot understand how we came to use seconds, hours, degrees, radians and other strange units of measure.


Who in the world can understand things like NNE or SSW?

On deeds they tell us strange things such as; “

Starting at the large Butternut Tree then proceeding 21 03 West thence proceeding – – -.”

In fact we know that the line proceeds in a general southerly direction; not some cock-a-mamey direction West.

If we started out at the Butternut Tree why can’t we just say “proceeding in a southerly direction until you reach the big grey rock that looks like an elephant with bunions?”

Or “proceeding in a general southerly until you find…

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