Percy Bridge

This bridge was not built in the Adirondacks. It only missed by one mile; as the crow flies. It is on the Chateaugay River north of Chateaugay, New York. A lot of workmen from the North Woods left the forest to work on this bridge.

A fellow by the name of Daniel McCallum designed it. McCallum was transplanted from Scotland as a young boy. He must have had a bright mind. They say he started out as a carpenter then a builder/architect. I was told that he became the superintendent of the New York Erie railroad before he designed the trusses used for this bridge.

The trusses were so strong that they started using them on railroad bridges. They had a fancy name which I can’t remember. Maybe we can look in my pile of papers later and find out.

The civil war started and they needed McCallum’s engineering skills…

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