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Why can’t you look into my eyes, Mr. Death?

Why do you hide around the corner,

and look at your feet when I pass by?

You seem to have no heart for this business.


Why did you enter into such a profession,

was it your fathers trade?

with your name over the door; “DEATH & SON”.

How long have you been  “ΔEÆTH & ΣØN?

Did you go to Zarathustra’s mountain,

and tempt him with your catalog of goods?


Did you lose faith in yourself

when the Vikings laughed at you?

As they became berserkers?

When they put their dead to sea,

allowing ravens to pick at their eyes?


You are an imposter, Mr. Death.

When you arrive, I will be gone,

it will be too late to shake chains,

or engage in Gregorian Chanting,

or throwing dirt in my face;

I will already be gone.


You are continually late Mr. Death,

you show up after my last breath,

after I have enjoyed this life to the fullest,

after I have left progeny to continue my work,

after I have smelled the Balsam trees,

and walked in the rivers and streams,

I have done it all before you arrived.


Not very punctual are you Mr. Death?

Always missing your appointed rounds,

trying to amend by showing up early,

never on time; who can depend on you?

Surely not I; nor anyone I hold dear.

Promptness is not in your vocabulary,

is it Mr. Death?


Why do you continue to hang around,

in our nightmares,

in our imaginations,

in our metaphysics,

in our constructs,

in our churches,

in our synagogues?

None of us really like you Mr. Death.


Are you really there Mr. Death?

None of us have ever seen you,

None of us have ever spoken to you,

None of us have ever touched you,

Are you a fabrication of our minds Mr. Death?


I think it is time for you to leave Mr. Death,

depart while there is still time,

leave us before we see you — for what you are not,

you had a good run at improving your lot,

if you leave now you can hold your head high,

leave while the band is still playing your song,

take your sheepskin and credentials with you,

don’t forget to put on that gold watch,

you have earned it after all the those years,

we know it was not easy to be consistently late,

or surprisingly early, for your appointed rounds.

and we thank you for your past services; if any.