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Well, well, well. Look who is here, I should have guessed.

Mr. “I wanna be first” ahead of everyone.

Are you always at the party before all,

or prefer the “Grand Entrance”

where you would be noticed?


Did you bring your friend to the party?

Don’t play dumb, you know who;

Emmanuel, your birth father.

He named you a priori,

or did you forget?


Your little brother didn’t fare so well, did he.

He is always playing second fiddle to you,

I think Mr. Kant loved you most.

Poor little Posteriori, lost soul,

never favored in EK’s books.

Little guy was “sensitive,”

a little too sensitive.


Why was Emmanuel so “critical for pure reason?”

Why did he belittle “observation by sense?”

Why did he ignore the simple fact that,

all this began before reason and sense,

even had names – – – either of them?

Who said “I take rock, it hard,”

followed up by “Tools hard,”

and “Rock make tool.”


Or was it more of an “I break nut with rock.”?

Or “Rock make good tool for fixing supper.”

Or was someone just hungry and ate a bug?

Or someone was tired and lay in the grass.

Did he reason “Me find nice soft bed.”

and a friend asked “What be bed?”

“Grass be bed, grass be soft,”

“grass = soft = bed = nice.”

I think not Mr. A. Priori.


Why did Mr. Kant fear your little brother?

Was observation and sensing wrong?

Posteriori had his eye on the facts,

the facts that could be seen, heard,

touched, facts that could be felt,

such as hot, cold, wet or dry.

And let’s not forget “fear.”


Fear cannot be seen, heard, or touched,

Neither can love, hate or disinterest,

Are they in your category A. Priori?

Or do they belong to little brother?

Who do these emotions belong to?

Do you sometimes share things,

with little sibling Posteriori?

Sharing things is good.

Especially when we

are not sure, who

really owns them.


Was Immanuel Kant your Geppetto?

Did he carve you out of an oak tree?

Did he give you any tactile arts?

No senses you say? No sight?

No hearing? No touch?

No smell? No taste?

No love? No hate?

or disinterest?


Oh my, Mr. A. Priori, you are so limited.

No sense of space? No sense of time?

No sense of gravity? Not any senses?

You don’t understand horizons,

beautiful sunsets, or the pain,

of others, even those close?

Can you sense storms,

by thunder and



I think you should go back to implore Emmanuel,

ask him to make you human, like Pinocchio.

Tell him logic and reason are both good,

but they don’t compare to being human.

Tell him that epistemology is not equal,

to humanity, vanity, sanity, profanity;

or Judaism, Taoism or Christianity.

Tell him that five plus fifteen is not,

always twenty; someone, someday,

will disprove that fact just as we

now know that the sun – – – does

not revolve around the earth.


Or do we really know that?



Euclid, about 2,300 years ago, said a lot of things,

about straight lines and other logical “facts.”

and then a fellow, I believe a Mr. Einstein,

said if we could look long enough, and,

far enough, we could see the backs of,

our heads. So much for straight lines.

And so much for all hounds are dogs,

all bachelors are unmarried men,

and all is based on pure logic.

Do we really know “truth?”

Or do we continue to

simply live our lives

take the best guess

and continue on

with humanity?


That is my question, Mr. A. Priori.