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Little Miss Hope,

aren’t you just an adorable little thing?

You sit there in the bottom of Pandora’s box,

waiting for one of us to pick you up,

admire you, and give you a big hug,

possibly a little peck on the cheek also.



Yes, I have to admit it, you are promise,

but is it real or just a false promise?

Surely, at times, you give us courage,

often laced with confidence and optimism,

even anticipation of your possibilities.


So why did the Greeks close the lid,

no, – – – they slammed the lid – – – shut! – – – ;

on Pandora’s box, or rather she did,

so said Hesiod, when he spoke of her,

and the gift that the Gods had given her.


And there it sits, that despicable box,

completely empty, except for you Miss Hope.

You have little playmates with you,

don’t you Little Miss Hope? Like desire,

and potential, and good prospects.


Are they real or are they transparent,

like dream, want,  wish, and yearning?

But you didn’t answer me Little Miss Hope,

why did Hesiod have Pandora imprison you?

Oh, come now, you know, don’t be shy.


Yes, that is correct, you are the only evil,

that has remained in the box, oh yes you are,

you are evil, you certainly are.

You cloud men’s minds, especially when,

you are with your companion, Change.


What a cute couple you make,

Little Miss Hope and Lord Change,

Once again you have fooled us Miss Hope.

Do you and Lord Change have progeny?

Are there little Hopes and Changes,

in this bright future of ours?


Or have you worn out your welcome?

Are we now wise to you Miss Hope?

Have we opened our eyes to you?

You saw all the evils that escaped,

when Pandora lifted the lid,

are you Little Miss Evil in disguise?

Are you a counterfeit emotion?


Yes, I believe you are, Miss Hope.

I think you let us believe,

only what we want to believe,

I think you let us hear,

only what we want to hear.


It is a good thing that the Greeks,

saw all those evils that escaped,

from Pandora’s box, before you escaped.

Otherwise, we would not have a clue.

what you do to us Little Miss Hope.


It is just so sad, that those Greeks,

left your name laying around,

we may never have known you exist,

Little Miss Hope; we never would know,

That there are two sides to you,

an encouraging one,

and an evil one.


And we thought that only the Romans,

had Gods that were two-faced.

Janus Roman God  









But you are not a goddess are you?

You are just a little wayward emotion,

running around inside of us,

fooling us, and playing with our minds.

And yet we think we love you.